We are dedicated to making your massage treatment as comfortable and healing as possible.  At your first visit, you will need to fill in a brief health history form to assist in designing the ideal treatment.  All information is kept confidential according to PHIA and PIPEDA.

In the treatment room, we will discuss your goals for the massage.  Some assessment or orthopedic testing may be performed.  You are encouraged to ask questions at any time.  When your consent is obtained we then proceed with the assessment and massage treatment.

We offer the privacy of the treatment room to get changed in. On the massage table, only the area being treated is uncovered from the full length sheet and blanket.

Your feedback is of vital importance with respect to pressure, pain tolerance and comfort for the entire massage treatment.

Stretches, exercises or hydrotherapy may be encouraged after your massage to reinforce the benefits of treatment.


Swedish / Relaxation massage uses long fluid strokes and passive stretches.  It is ideal for those wanting to reduce stress and fatigue.

Therapeutic / Deeper Tissue massage uses techniques to reduce trigger points, adhesions and scar tissue.  A common misconception is that this massage is painful.  This is NOT true for the treatment to be effective.  It is ideal for treating sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, tendonitis and chronic pain.

Intra-Oral massage involves specific techniques to reduce tone in the muscles of mastication.  Ideal for those with TMJ/D, headaches, clenching/bruxism

Cupping massage involves using different styles of cups in a static or dynamic matter to compress or decompress the targeted tissues

Your massage therapist integrates all of her educational skills in over 20 years of practice to create the best treatment for you.  She encourages collaboration with other health care practitioners.